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Kent Del Rio Women's Cruiser Bike

The Kent Del Rio women's cruiser Bike is a first-class surrogate for shoppers wanting for a stylish and performance-based bike, this Bike is manufactured with an easy-to-use electronics so you can be sure you're getting a quality product. The magenta color is fantastic for any Bike room and the Del Rio is an unequaled Bike for on-the-go moms or young women, so go ahead and take your pick - the Kent Del Rio women's cruiser Bike is sure to be a hit.

Kent Del Rio Men's Cruiser Bike

The Kent Del Rio men's cruiser is a best-in-class all around bike, it's white aluminum frame is comfortable to ride with 7-speed magenta tires making it a top-of-the-line for day or long rides. The single speed and brake handbrake are also included so you can keep your ride smooth and easy, the Kent 26" Del rey men's cruiser is a peerless way for folks wanting for a sturdy and luxurious ride. This Bike is fully assembled and is available this is an 26 women's beach cruiser bike, it is a frame that is fabricated with an aluminum frame for soils and gusts that is comfortable for all ride types. This frame is 7-speed magenta that makes it ride for all types of this frame is also make it uncomplicated for you to fold up and take out again, the Kent 26" Del Rio men's cruiser Bike is puissant for an individual hunting for an excellent quality of service. This Bike is new and complete, and comes with a magenta color scheme, with and extraviolet.